What is a Face Shield?

You can use a Face Shield from FaceMSK in many different ways. You can think of any possibility for an outdoor activity or sports activity. For example, you can wear it to protect your face from the sun, wind, cold, rain / hail, flies or other insects. Cover your mouth and nose while skiing, cycling, motorcycling to be able to breathe better.

Use it as a dressing up at a festival or other festive occasions such as Carnival and other Festivals. You can easily put your hair in a bun or make a hair band to prevent your hair from getting into your face. Make it a swimming cap for showering or water sports. Wear it as a neck warmer in bad or cold weather conditions. Make a sweatband for your wrist or make a cool pirate look. You can not think of it so crazy - with a Faceshield you can do more than you expect!

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- The FaceMSK Team.

Below you can find a handy instruction video in which you can see which ways you can wear your Face Shield!

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