FaceMSK is a company that was founded in 2017 in the Netherlands and sells high-quality multifunctional Faceshields for runners and other outdoor enthusiasts. A Faceshield is actually a fairly simple product, but extremely versatile and can be worn in many different ways. Buying a Faceshield is always a good choice, not only for runners, but for anyone who is looking for extra comfort, protection and style while being outside. A Faceshield can serve as neck warmer, beanie, bandana, headband or face mask for keeping the cold wind out on very cold days and even offering protection from harmful sun on warmer days. Also, the Faceshields are very popular on the bike, so you do not suffer from a cutting wind in your neck. Our mixed line-up offers choices for the different seasons.

In very cold conditions, a Fleece Faceshield can be used as a protective face mask to keep the cold, narcotic wind at bay. All products available on FaceMSK.com are available at a competitive price and very attractive prints or stylish colors. The materials of the Faceshields vary, so that you can choose the right Faceshield for the weather type and the environment in which you intend to go. We have thoroughly researched to put together a large selection for you, so that you have the best chance of success and will always be satisfied with your purchase.

There are 12 different ways to carry this incredibly versatile product. Some of the most common are: neck warmer, headband, mask and hair band. This product is machine washable (up to 30 degrees) and designed with top quality materials so that you can be sure that you are purchasing a very durable product. With a weight of only 35 grams, you will not be bothered by it in any way.

Comfort: it is a completely seamless design and ensures that you get the most comfortable fit possible. The products of FaceMSK offer excellent protection against harmful UV rays, which is great for runners or other outdoor enthusiasts who are often in the sun.

Material: Made of 100% polyester microfibre. The material drains moisture faster than any other tissue. Even after severe weather conditions or after several washes, the material is designed so that it does not fade or lose its elasticity.

Cost: They are sharper priced than the Fleece Faceshields and can easily be obtained through our webshop. Choose from 200+ different types of multifunctional Faceshields.

The unique Fleece Faceshields can be worn in many different ways, such as beanie, face mask or neck warmer. Regardless the weather, these reversible Faceshields do a great job of protecting you from the coldest temperatures of winter. With a weight of only 65 grams it is so light that you do not even notice it. With a wide range of fashion prints, there is something for everyone.

Comfort: the reversible Fleece Faceshields are incredibly soft and warm. They drain moisture and dry very quickly, so you never have to worry about snow or rain. A faceshield is semi-seamless for the most comfortable and natural fit. One Size Fits Most.

Material: the Fleece Faceshields differ from the regular Faceshields because they consist of two different materials. This is to optimize the heat. Apart from the normal lightweight synthetic microfibre material, a thick layer of fleece is added to keep your body heat in.

Cost: these are one of FaceMSK's most expensive products, but they are so multifunctional and warm that the price is worth it.