Have you received an order from FaceMSK, but you are not satisfied with the product?
Then you can legally return the order within 14 days of receipt without giving any reason.

At FaceMSK we do things slightly differently. We do not want customers to feel rushed for returning the received order.
Which means that you can return the order at FaceMSK whenever you want. Within 14 days? No problem. After 14 days? No problem. After a year? No problem.
As long as the product is in the original plastic packaging and the Faceshield is unworn, we will gladly take it back, so that we can make someone else happy with it.
The incurred costs for the returning of the product will be for your own costs. FaceMSK sells its products to make customers happy with their purchase, a satisfied customer is a satisfied FaceMSK Team.

Did we sent you the wrong Face Shield by accident? Then we send the right one to you right away once you let us know. You do not have to worry about returning the wrongly delivered Face Shield, that is our fault and we solve it for you. This means that we will pay for the costs and the effort for ourselves and we do not bother our customer with it. In principle, a customer who has received a wrong Face Shield is actually lucky.

The return of your order can be done using the following address:

Name: FaceMSK V.O.F.
Street: Kroonakker 44
Postal code: 5595 HB, Leende
Country: The Netherlands

Do you have any further questions? Do not hesitate to contact us via:

Facebook Messenger (Chat): Click here.

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Email: Click here.